Did you know you can easily save over 50% when buying reconditioned commercial fitness equipment compared to new!

All TEK Fitness refurbished equipment comes with a standard 12 months parts and labour warranty.

We also sell certain equipment in a "Serviced" Condition with a lower warranty period. Please check individual products for their covered period.

Refurbished Process – Q & A’s

Q What process would a typical piece of equipment go through in refurbishment?
To begin with the machine is stripped down and evaluated for new parts required. Then, depending on what  type of machine it is, the paintwork is prepared for spraying or shotblasted and powder coated. Once this is complete, the machine is built back together, with new parts fitted, both standard parts during a refurbishment and extras as required. Once built, the machine is run/used vigorously and undergoes our TEK multi point check to ensure the machine is fully functional and will stay that way!

Q What are the savings that can be made when buying refurbished to new?

The savings can be massive if you know what you are looking to purchase; often refurbished equipment is over 50% cheaper than brand new equipment. Just make sure the equipment you purchase has warranty and the supplier has a credible after-sales department.

 Q What are the common pitfalls consumers should be aware of when buying refurbished equipment?

The most common “negative” associated with the refurbished market is the worry that kit will “break down” shortly after purchase. If you buy from a recognised refurbished supplier, such as TEK Fitness, there are certain aspects of the purchase that can alleviate this worry. For example, you can view our equipment before and after refurbishment, to see what exactly has been done. Be wary of suppliers who claim to sell “fully refurbished” equipment but in fact do the very minimum to the equipment before it is sold, the old “spit and polish” routine. The easiest way to tell if you are buying genuine refurbished products is the amount of warranty you receive with the equipment and how keen the supplier is to offer an after sales service. At TEK Fitness we offer 12 months parts and labour warranty on all fully refurbished equipment we sell and we are always on hand to offer advice during or after the warranty period has expired.

As an additional service we can refurbish your existing equipment, please contact us for a quote.

We offer extended warranties and Service Contracts on our refurbished equipment and have no problem in covering our work for longer than the standard 12 months.